Did you ever go to a sheepfold?

It is not something that you can do at every corner of the street, but going up in the mountains and have the experience of staying few hours at a sheepfold is one of the most authentic experiences that you can have in Romania. 


Romania might be a very big mix of cultures, traditions and habits, but one of the oldest ways of earning money here was to raise the sheeps. Not only the final result is important, but all the process since the sheep go up the mountains until they come back to their owners.

I have been to one sheepfold in Rarau Mountains in North-East of Romania. The sheepfold is just up the mountains and it comes with a lot of very fresh air and breath-taking landscape. The area itself it is very beautiful and easy to get to and I have to say I have been there for taking photographs with a tiny group led by one of the best photographers in Romania, Sorin Onisor.


This particular sheepfold had a lot of sheeps, but also few cows around and of course, the beautiful dogs taking care of their treasure. The shepherds were staying up there for more than 4 months and they were enjoying the presence of few photographers inside.  They showed us how they make the cheese and explained all the steps to us. 


One of the most appealing parts it is of course, the food that they also give you because you cannot leave their place without trying the cheese they make with polentaand the very fresh milk.


It is not necessary to go very high up the mountain to see this kind of activity, but if you get a chance to arrive at the country-side, you have to ask the locals about a similar place. They will be more than happy to show you one of the main Romanian activities in the old (and maybe still..) times.