What I wish everybody knew about Romania

Romania was more well known in the last years for less good things, but it’s an amazing country with a lot of personalities, culture and beautiful nature.

I wish everybody knew few very important things about Romania and celebrate its treasures at the deserved level.

Romanian important figures world-wide

Talking to many foreign people in the last couple of years, most of them know Romania because of the gymnast Nadia Comaneci (first gymast in the world to get the maximum grade at the Olympics) and the football player Gheorghe Hagi, which is a very good thing as they represented Romania in the best way at their times. Also, There are other figures that brought Romania on many people’s mind.

  • Insulin - discovered by Nicolae Constantin Paulescu

  • Aviation - Henri Coanda, Aurel Vlaicu and Traian Vuia had huge impact on aerodynamics and some of the concepts keep their name also nowadays.

  • Fountain Pen - remembering school days, you probably think about the fountain pen, which was invented by Petrache Poenaru, who was also Romanian.

  • Biospeology - founded by Emil Racovita, who was also the first person in the world studying arctic life.

  • Magneton - discovered by Stefan Procopiu, who estabilished the magnetic moment and now it has its name, Procopiu magneton.

Romanian properties inscribed on World Heritage List

It is very clear that Romania has a lot of beautiful places all around the country, but there are some of them inscribed into the World’s Heritage list. Some of the places are very popular for tourists, but not as much as they could be.

  • Churches of Moldavia - Voronet is the most popular of them beaucase of its blue colour that cannot be remade.

  • Dacian Forstresses of Orastie Mountains

  • Sighisoara’s old center - Very popular all year round, but it gets very busy during the medieval festival taking place in the summer.

  • Horezu Monastery - It is maybe the definition of popular art and painting of the whole country.

  • The fortified churches in Transiylvania

  • The wooden Churches of Maramures - You can spot the Gothic influence in the Ortodox churches. Their design is breath-taking.



Despite the bad reputation romanians got over the last years, when it comes to traditions and old habits, people do not forget where they’re coming from and they really appreciate the treasure we have from the previous generations. Traditions in Romania involve a lot of food, dance, arts, singing and different rituals.

  • Food - basted on pork and cheese, Romanian food is quite heavy but very tasty and fresh, usually cooked with products taken directl from the primary source, which makes it very healthy.

  • Dance - the most difficult traditional dance is called “Calusarii” and it is also very old. It is found both in Moldavia and Oltenia. The dance is part of UNESCO List of Immaterial Cultural Herritage.

  • Arts - Decorating the Easter eggs with different symbols, of course traditional that respect the old manner of painting it is very popular in Bucovina and Maramures.

  • Singing - During Christmas time and also New Years Eve, there are specific carols that are being played and they bring the holidays spirit and bring the essence of them.

  • Different rituals - Especially during New Years Eve, there are different bands dressed in bears, goats and popular costumes that come and play loud music to make all the bad spirits go away. These are very unique and easy to spot.



Romania’s nature is very diverse and complex at the same time. From sea to alpine mountains, Romania has everything.

  • The biggest population of bears in the whole Europe is located in Romania

  • Danube Delta is the best preserved delta in Europe.

  • In Apuseni Mountains you can find Europe[s 2nd underground glacier, Scarisoara Cave

  • Bigar Waterfall was chosen as the most beautiful waterfall in the world.

  • Baciu Forest near Cluj is considered to be the most paranormal forest in the whole world.

Buildings and sculptures

  • People’s house in Bucharest is the 2nd biggest building in the world after Pentagon.

  • In Bucharest you can find a very very similar Arch of Triumph as Paris does and the whole capital is also called The Small PAris

  • The Bookstore chain Carturesti won the Bookstore of the Year at 2018 Excellence Awards of London’s Bookfair

  • The talles sculpture in a rock in the whole Europe is located in Romania and it represents Decebal.

Of couse, there are many more facts that should be known about Romania and how many interesting things this country has, but as a summary, these facts say a lot about the potential and the beauties of it. Many personalities, amazing background and outstanding nature.