Why should you visit Romania? Because it is AMAZING.

Romania is located in South-Eastern Europe at the border with The Black Sea. People do not consider travellig to Romania due to different reasons, one of them being the lack of advertisement. 

Being from Romania makes it a little bit difficult, beacuse being in the same country for years and years unfortunately makes up go over the beautiful parts or do not pay so much attention to its beauties. After moving to Iceland, I started to understand what my country can actually offer and I will also give you few reasons.


Romania has almost everything. There is the sea, there is the mountains, hills, rivers, lakes, caves, keys, volcanos, delta. Around the heart of the country you will find the Carpathian Mountains, from SW to SE there is the Danube and in the SSE it is the Black Sea.  You can hike, discover the beautiful mountains or you can relax on the beach near Black Sea.




All around the year, especially when it comes to Winter Holidays, the traditions can be easily found in the cities, but you will find way more interesting manifestation of the Romanian traditions in the countryside, where every single detail was very well kept The history of Romania is very complex and every region has its stories. Depending of each area you want to find out more about, I think it's best to make a research because it might be too long and complicated taking everything into a chapter.

  • FOOD

When it comes to food, Romania does not have many dishes that you can 100% tell that are original from there, but I could say that the Romanian cuisine it is all the cultures around at their best * 10. The food is tasty, maybe too fat sometimes and the most important it is cooked with a lot of passion and natural ingredients.


The Romanian products are very well done and when it comes to vegetables or fruits or meat, they are very healthy (or at least you have this option) especially if you try to stay away from the big cities. You can eat the products just from the famers and the taste is anything but amazing. 


Like in every other country, not everybody is the nicest person in the world, but when it comes to regular people, with normal and maybe modest jobs, Romanian people will be extremly happy to offer you a good saying, something to eat (be careful with the grandmothers, they will not let you go without eating) or something to drink. In the countryside, most of the people will be very, very happy yo introduce their culture and tradition to foreigners.