Why should you visit Bucovina?

Bucovina is a very popular historical area in Romania, which is located in the North-East of the country. I would say Bucovina is one of the most beautiful parts of Romania and it comes with a lot of history, traditions and culture.

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If you ever visit Romania, you should visit Bucovina for many, many reasons, but I’ve found the 5 most important:

  1. The landscape

    • When you are in Bucovina it does not really matter what season is at the moment because this area becomes beautiful with any type of cover: no matter if it is snow or colourful flowers.

  2. The monasteries

    • I can easily call Bucovina The land of monasteries as there are a lot of them and they are very important because of their beauty, history and unique display. One of the most famous is Voronet Monastery, which was build by Stefan the Great in 1488. It is part of UNESCO since 1993 and it is unique for its color, which cannot be found anywhere in the world (blue of Voronet)

  3. History and tradition

    • Bucovina is home for many series of history that are marking the development of the whole country. The most important historical site is Suceava Citadel, which is also called Musat’s Fortress.


    • The area is very well known for keeping the traditions alive, which brings a lot of tourists interested in discovering the authenticity of the area. From Christmas carols, to the painted Easter eggs, there is a lot of culture to be discovered.

  4. Food

    • The food is based on home-grown vegetables, cheese made up in the mountains and very good and tender meat. The traditional dishes include a lot of pork and polenta and they are very much appreciated.

  5. The Narrow Gauge Steam Train

    • At Moldovita, there is one of the few narrow gauge steam trains that are still being operated in Romania. In Romanian it is called Mocanita and it is very popular especially in winter time when you feel you’re in a fairytale. The line was built in 1899 and it’s been operating for more than 100 years now.