Rarau Massif

Rarau Massif is located in North-East Romania and it is one of the most different mountains in the whole area. The massif is not very high, only 1651m, but the view down the valley it’s abolutely spectacular.


Rarau Massif is located very close to Campulung Moldovenesc, very old town famous for its wood sculptures. There is a road leading up on the mountain, but it is accesible mostly in the summer time because in late October we can expect heavy snow to come and the access would be very difficult.

Up on the mountain here is a cabin, a meteorological station and a sheepfold. You can stay overnight at the cabin, or you can drive up from the villages at the bottom of the mountain to see the magical sunrise.

ana zamă_peisaje-n bucovina_proiect (4).jpg

The rock formations on Rarau Mountain are pretty dramatic and they are called Lady’s Stones (Pietrele Doamnei). They reach up to 70 meters and no other formations are similar in Carpathians. You can hike up close to the rock formation and the trail is pretty easy.

I would say that visiting Rarau Massif would be the perfect get-away if you are travelling with family as you can have a day in the nature, climb the hill and see the beautiful valley from above. If you go there during the summer, I recommend visiting the sheepfold also as it is an absolutely unique place that it’s not met everywhere around the world.