Piatra Neamt - the city between the mountains in North-East Romania

Piatra Neamt it is a touristic town in North-East of Romania.  It is located between the mountains and it has a very beautiful lake. Most of the people know the city by its historical sites, but also for the beauty of the landscape. And it's my hometown!


Piatra Neamt it is the capital of Neamt County. It is located at the bottom of the Carpathian Mountains, next to Batca Doamnei's Lake and it is one of the most important urban areas on Bistrita River. The town is pretty small, but chic: it has a historical center, that it is called Curtea Domneasca. There is also the Stefan cel Mare's Tower, which is a symbol for the town, two museums and a very beautiful old church.

In terms of landscape, you can admire the city from the ground by walking around downtown and in the park that is located just in the center or you can take the cable car and go on one of the highest mountain in the city, Cozla Mountain. From the top, you can see Ceahlau Massif on one side of the mountain and on the other side, you can admire the city and also the skiing paths. If you want to disconnect from the city, that's the place!

Also, in the south of the city, there is a complex with pools and a more west there is the Batca Doamnei Lake, which has an agreement area where you can go kayaking in the summer time.