Ceahlau Massif- The Pearl of Moldavia


Ceahlau Massiv is located in North East of Romania, in Neamt County. It was also called the Pearl of Moldavia for its inspiring enviroment and beauty. The massif is considered to be the pearl of Moldavia, the region. It appeared in several poems and stories, some of them being very, very old. There are also some myths and traditions of the Romanian culture that started just there. 

Geographicly, Ceahlau Massif is located in the Eastern Carpatians and the most important and popular peaks are Toaca 1904m and Ocolasul Mare 1907. In the region, that is the most important and popular mountain, but it is very well known all around the country.

There are more trails for hiking, three of them starting very close to a town, called Bicaz which makes the access on the mountain very easy.  One more very popular trail goes from a touristic town that sits just at the bottom of the mountain. Walking up the mountain you will pass by the most beautiful waterfall in Ceahlau, Duruitoarea Waterfall. The mountain has very many tourists every year, especially during the summer time, when there is also the celebration of the mountain. During the winter season, some of the hiking trails are closed due to the high level risk and the access becomes very very poor.

This place it is not beautiful and intresting, different in its way because of the enviroment. The energy that you get when you hike up the mountain it is the best energy and feeling I have ever got from a place. It becomes easily your home and your addiction. I could talk days about it, but still I got no words to describe how amazing, relaxing, inspiring this place is! In the summer time I think you get the most of it when you see very, very early in the morning the sunrise and the clouds down the mountain, the magical alpine sea.