If you live or travel to Iceland, it is a must to try the icecream. For many people, especially for tourist that come from warm places in the world it it kind of strange to have an icecream at 10 degree Celsius, but the locals are in love with their icecream.

In Iceland, there are serval icecream brands that are popular, but sometimes a good presentation and authentic ingredients can lead to very good revenue. In newly opened food hall in the end of the main street of Reykjavik, Hlemmur Matholl, you can find Ísleifur Heppni , one of the most impressive icecream places in Iceland. 


The proccess of making icecream becomes a show as soon as they add the nitrogen step by step. 

After you stop and just want to experience the "strange" icecream show, you might think it is only a nice presentation to see in a food hall, but actually, it is also a very subtle description of Iceland. First, you experience the cold, from liquid to ice, but as this island it is all about big contrasts, there comes the fire. 


Very nice service, a nice show to be seen and a lot of tasty sweets put together. Even though you're in Iceland and you cannot face the cold and the wind from the outside, a good icecream can sweeten up your soul. Caramel, chocolate souce, brownie and mashmallows sound pretty nice after an Icelandic storm. 


Trully recommend trying out this place at Hlemmur Matholl!