If you live or travel to Iceland, you need to try the Icelandic food because there are some dishes that you cannot try anywhere else in the world and the taste is unique. There are several restaurants in Reykjavik that sell products like whale or puffin, but no other is as good as Sushi Social. 

The restaurant is located in the central part of Reykjavik, very close to the main street, Laugavegur. The enviroment is very intimate and chic, with a very elegant vibe.


Do not fall in the touristic trap when it is about eating habits. Iceland’s residents do not eat puffin or whale on their everyday life, but I consider it a must to try these unique foods. Not so many people agree with eating these kind of animals, but getting to know the traditional food it’s going to be very interesting. You can try the ‘musts’ at Sushi Social taking their Icelandic Feast set menu.


Ø  First dish to try it’s the smoked puffin. The meat is very soft and tasty, similar to nothing you ate before. It is melting in your mouth and it comes with beet root, goat chese and crutons aside. The presentation is amazing, as the dish is coming with a glass cover and you can see the puffin in the smoke.

Ø  After such a small bird, here it comes the whale. One of the most controversary food you can have nowadays because of the danger of losing of these species. The presentation of the food is quite spectacular as it is introducing you into the sea world.


Ø  Arctic char – a fish that you’d say in the first place that it is lax, but it is just similar in color. The taste of the arctic char is sweeter than the salmon and also it’s more delicate.

Ø  As the name of the place says, you will get few rolls of Icelandic sushi. It comes with lax and avocado and mango.

Ø  The COD – if you ate cod before, forget about it. The cod in Iceland is very fat, tasy and it keeps your hunger away for few hours. It is the most common fish in Iceland and they are also famous for the big quantity of exported cod.

Ø  Icelandic lamb – very soft meat, tasty and sweet without the typical smell of sheep. I would say it is more simillar to the beef than the lamb in other countries. It comes with babycarrots aside and souce.


Ø  Skyr – the typical Icelandic yogurt comes with berries, blueberries and chocolate crumble. The skyr is more cheese than yogurt, but its texture is very soft and the flavour is very fresh. The bluberries are big and juicy!


The price for the menu is 8990 isk, but it is less than trying everything separately. And it is just amazing!