What people do not expect when they come to Iceland

Skogafoss waterfall

Skogafoss waterfall


As Iceland became very popular in the last 5 years, there are lots of people who come to visit the country just because it is a destination that will make your Instagram look nice and fancy. There are plenty of things people might not consider before they book a trip to Iceland.

  1. Prices

    • Reykjavik is the 2nd most expensive capital in Europe after Monaco, so when you get here do not be surprised to pay 12$ for a beer or 30$ for a burger. Life here is expensive and so is your trip! In summer you can play with it and have everything on the cheap side, but in the winter the weather will limit you a lot.

  2. Weather

    • Complaining about the weather? Rain, wind, ice, more wind with ice and rain, this is what Iceland is. Some summers are warm and nice, but the summer of 2018 came only in the end of August for 2-3 weeks and all the other days were rainy and gray. Waterproof clothes will do the job.

  3. Northern lights

    • We might fix all your tour bookings, early check-ins, missed buses and so on, but we cannot bring the northern lights up on the sky. In 2017 the northern lights did not show up much and the tourists were very disappointed. Do you want to see the aurora? Go to North Pole. Here we have amazing nature, not clear skies every night.

  4. You are not alone!

    • As much as you want to visit Iceland, there are other hundrends of people who have the same dream. When you will get to the most popular places, you will not be alone! The pictures you see with people-free landscape it is either from many years ago, or taken during the night.

  5. See glaciers

    • I’ve got many times the same question: where can I see a glacier in Reykjavik? Can I walk on it? Nope, we don’t have them in the city and NO, do not walk on glaciers. You are in very big danger even though you belive you’ll be fine for one picture. Resue teams do not need this!