Whale watching from Reykjavik

One of the activities that you should try if you arrive in Reykjavik is the whale watching. There are few companies operating this kind of tours and all of them are doing exactly the same. I have also tried it and it was nice experience, maybe one-time tour because you do not do so much except for enjoying the landscape.

Before you go for it, you need to understand that the ocean is not all the time so friendly and the weather can change pretty fast turning your trip in a very precipitous one. Also, whales are part of the nature, so the staff on the boat cannot control everything. Not in my case, when I think they turned on the button *see whales*. 

I have been with Special Tours for my trip with their big boat Andrea and it was around 4 hours. I did not want something extreme, so I did not take the tour with the small boats.There are more people on the boat, but I felt it harder to get sick. After 30 minutes in the sea, the boat was stopped because they could have seen whales on the radar. During all this time, the staff was extremly nice explaining the whales' habits and also about puffins, fishing and the importance of protecting all these species. Even though there were a lot of other people, I did not feel the area busy not even a moment. They had some posters and they showed us more types of whales and bones of them.


It might be very nice weather in Reykjavik, but when you leave the shore the air is cooler and they provide you on the boat big suits like the fishermen use. It was really helpful to have something like this.

Luckily, the whales showed up and also the dolphins were excited to see so many guests. I know this is something that is not happening everyday, as it is part of the nature, but what I need to point out is that you should take it as a nice trip, being away from downtown and enjoy the fresh air and the quiet enviroment. If you do not see the whales, you still have a chance to see dolphins and in the summer also puffins. In my case, the month of June was the perfect one as they jumped out of the water for 32 times and the 2 whales were just playing around the boat.

Lately this winter, the whales did not show up so much, which might be because of their habits during this season. In my opinion, this is more of a summer tour and if you are not used with the cold and windy days you should not take this tour after October.