South Shore of Iceland - essentials

One of the most beautiful parts of Iceland is the South. Everybody that comes to Iceland needs to go and see at least a part of it. There are a lot of stops that you can make along the way, but it is probably going to take you few days, maybe a week to cover all the activities that you could do.

Top places Reykjavik - Hofn

  1. Power Plant in Hveragerdi - learn about geothermal energy, its importance for Iceland and find out more about the process of making geothermal energy.

  2. Lava Museum - make a stop here to find out more about volcanos and their story. If you do not want to go to the museum, they still have pretty nice entrance with some nice shows on the walls and also very nice cafeteria.
  3. Seljalandsfoss - it is the first waterfall in the South and you can go behind it and come the other way around. If you have sunny day, you will get to see a lot of rainbows!
  4. Skogafoss - one of the most popular waterfalls of iceland because of its height, accesibility and landscape. You can take the stairs and go all the way up to see the waterfall from abve, or you can enjoy the view of it from the bottom of it.
  5. Sólheimasandur - the crashed airplane - the beach has black sand, but it is a good spot to take pictures including the crashed plane. 
  6. Reynisfjara - the black sand beach where you can also see the bazalt columns. Very dangerous place, but one of the most beautiful place to be seen in Iceland.
  7. Vik - very good stop for lunch or shopping. Also, you can easily go to the black sand beach they have and enjoy the beauty of Iceland. This place is photogenic and it is also the southern place of Iceland. It is very important stop for everybody travelling in the South.
  8. Fjadrargljufur Canion - it became more and more popular after a video of Justin Bieber was made there, but this place is going to take your breath away. You can go there if you get a 4x4 car, or if you are willing to walk few miles.
  9. Kirkubaejarklaustur - the fields of lava and the moss combined with the view to the biggest glacier in the world, Vatnajokull is going to make you feel that you are not on Earth anymore.
  10. Skaftafell National Park - it is one of the biggest national parks of Iceland and very attractive because of the glacier, and the waterfall called Svartifoss that is just 30 minutes walk from the entrance in the park.
  11. Fjallsarlon - smaller lagoon of ice, just 1 km before the famous Glacier Lagoon. This one is more quiet, but the landscape is mostly similar.
  12. Jokulsarlon - one of the most famous and trendy places to go when you get to Iceland. The popularity is caused also by the movies and videos that were made here.
  13. Hofn - if you have extra time and you want to see more quiet places, you need to continue the way to Hofn and just enjoy! Hofn is an important city in South East of Iceland, based on fishing industry.