Glacier Lagoon

Glacier Lagoon, called also Jökulsárlón is one of the most beautiful places Iceland has. It is located in the south-east of Iceland and it is around 370 kilometers far from Reykjavik, just near the Vatnajokull National Park.The lake got bigger and bigger because of the melting of the glacier. It is more than 250 meters deep and it is still increasing since 70s'. 


How to get there

You can get there on your own if you rent a car. The drive from Reykjavik is very long and if you plan to have a tour during only one day it might not be enough. Also, you can get there with a tour from Reykjavik. Most of the companies that operate tours in Iceland has a tour that can take you to the lagoon.


What to do

If you have a car and you are not depending on a tour bus, then you have more time to enjoy it. It is very nice to get there in early morning as the majority of the people will show up around 13:00 due to the driving from the city. You will find it very nice and quiet if you try to be earlier than everybody. 

Once you arrive there, you can just walk around and enjoy the beauty of the lagoon, go further closer to the glacier and enjoy the fresh air. Also, you can visit the diamon beach that is just across the street from the lagoon and you can see how the icebergs go into the ocean. Sometimes, they will stay on the black sand beack and this is the reason for which it is called Diamon Beach. 

There are also some tours that you can take by boat. There is a small boat (Zodiac Boat) and the big one (Amphibian boat). Both of the tours take you on the lagoon and you have the opportunity to see the icebergs and the seals closer. Even though they are really interesting tours and you cannot have this activity anywhere in the world, I would not recommend doing them in the winter time as it can be extremly ice cold and windy and you will not move for almost 40 minutes. 

Near the lagoon you have also a caffeteria and a souvenir shop. If you want to spend more time there, then I recommend having some snacks with you, as the variety there is very small and things are usually more expensive than in Reykjavik.

Animals of Glacier Lagoon

If you are lucky, you can meet the seals. Usually this is happening if it is sunny outside, as they seem to enjoy very well laying in the sun. Also, there are birds that are swimming in cold water.

Where to stay 

In June 2015, one very beautiful 4* hotel opened just 20 kilometers before Glacier Lagoon. It has more than 104 rooms, but it is made to fit in the incredibly beautiful nature in the South of Iceland. It is called Fosshotel Glacier Lagoon and if you do not book your stay there, you should at least pass by for a coffee and enjoy the nice lobby they have there and the fancy restaurant.