Buggy Adventure

Everybody comes to Iceland to see beautiful waterfalls, different landscape and the volcanos. Not so many people look into taking an adventure tour to do something more extreme than taking a relaxing roadtrip. One of the options is to take a buggy tour, which is going to cover just few hours and it is very close to Reykjavik City.


I have to say that I was a little bit worried about the experience that I am going to have with the buggy, but in the end I was very, very surprised to see that it was actually very safe and fun! 

You will be picked-up from a bus stop close to the place that you are staying and then they will take you just a little bit out of the city, 30 minutes drive from downtown Reykjavik. Once you are there, you will be given a special costume that is going to protect you from the mud and the water that will most likely come into your car. 


When it comes to safety, they do pay a lot of attention upon the knowledge you need to have before you go for the ride, so you will be told what you are allowed and what you are not to do. The advice provided it is very important, especially if you have never done it before. 

As soon as the induction is all done, you will start the ride and the first minutes might be a very strange feeling and the adrenaline is going high. I have done this in the month of July, when in Iceland it has been raining for more than two months, so the ride was really interesting. 

During the ride you will have one stop when you have the option to change the seats as the buggy has two seats. The ride to the break spot is around 30 minutes, you will stop for 5-10 minutes and after you will come back to the base camp. In case you do not want to change the seat, it is no problem, but they will be very friendly to help you with setting up you seatbelts and show you again the way you need to drive. 

I would say that you also need to take a look around, do not stick only to the experience with the buggy. The landscape is amazing and no matter how the weather looks like, you will not find tourist-free areas in Iceland in a regular tour. Take a moment to enjoy the nature!


While I was in this tour, I noticed that they were extremly friendly with everybody and they were paying a lot of attention to everybody's need. On my way back, I chose not to drive very fast, so they stayed with me in the end of the line and they were checking on me to see if everything is ok. If you want to be faster, there is also no problem, as there is one guide in front and one that stays the last. I would go again now, so please look up for them