Blue Lagoon Experience

Blue Lagoon is one of the highlights of Iceland, being very popular to all the tourists and locals. It is very easy to get there, but not so easy to get in. In the end, it can be one in a life time experience!



Before you go there, you should know that the beautiful lagoon is accidentaly made, by a powerplant that is nearby. The waste water from the poweplant, called Svartsengi formed the lagoon. The lava rocks and the shape of the lagoon are natural, but it was the consequence of the accident. Firstly, it became popular for its good properties of treating skin diseases and then it was improved step by step. Now, the lagoon has been extended and you can also book a night in their brand new hotel that gives you access to the amazing view.

How to get there

  • By bus - there are few companies operating transfers to Blue Lagoon. They have transfers from and to Reykjavik, but also to Keflavik International Airport. Most of the companies have departures every hour and you will be dropped off and picked-up from the front of the office they have there, in a big parking area. Then, you only need to walk less then 5 minutes to get to make your check-in.

  • By car - it is very easy to take a ride to Blue Lagoon and it lasts for 50 minutes. The lagoon is very close by the international airport.


If there is a tour that needs to be booked in advancee, then it is Blue Lagoon. Usually, they are fully booked and the restriction they have for the number of people that are allowed to be at one time in there are pretty severe. If you do not book it at least one month before, you should expect to have no space or only very late entrance times.

Luggage storage and lockers

When you arrive in front of Blue Lagoon, first you will meet their office for luggage. You can store it there if you are in transfer to or from Keflavik Airport. They do have a fee for this, but at least you do not worry about them anymore. The lockers you have inside Blue Lagoon are opening with the bracelet that you take at check-in and there are aproximately 200 of them.

Towels, robes, swimwear

You can rent all of them there, for an extra cost of course. The towel is around 900 isk/person, but if you buy a more expensive entrance, then you have them included. 

Facts to know before you soak in there

  • You need to shower before - Everywhere in Iceland they are very serious about taking a good bath before going into the geothermal water. And you need to do this without clothes. People usually are very 'not happy' about this, but you have private showers in most of the geothermal pools.
  • Conditioner - Before you enter into the lagoon, you should wet your hair and put a lot of conditioner in it, then try to make a tale. The water contains a lot of sulfur and it will make your hair very frizzy, dry and then you will be in the adventure I cannot brush my hair!
  • The masks - Into the lagoon they have masks for your face and body. They will make your skin very nice and clean and it is going to hydrate it amazingly nice. If you buy the standard package, you can only get the mud mask, which is the most popular one.
  • Drinks - There is one bar inside the lagoon and you can actually buy smoothies, water, beer or wine. The variety is not big, but you will feel the need to have a drink just after few minutes of being in the hot water.
  • It's hot! - There are areas in the lagoon, if you swim further that are more hot that the place you actually go into the water. It is reccommended to go in and out of the lagoon, to be a little bit away from the hot water and the steem that is everywhere.

When to visit

                        Blue Lagoon in February, with no natural light

                        Blue Lagoon in February, with no natural light

I have visited Blue Lagoon both summer and winter, in the light and in the dark. In the summer, if you go when you only have daylight it is very nice because you can actually see more of the lagoon. In the winter (dark), it was very nice also, because I feel that you can stay longer as you are not under so much pressure of the warmth around. It is very nice to be inside the water when it is raining or snowing because it is cooling down a little and it feels very refreshing. 

I have inserted a little vide of my 1st experience in the lagoon. Press play to watch