Baktus - the famous cat of Reykjavik

If you ever traveled to Reykjavik or if you follow Iceland on social media, especially on Instagram, you might know already Baktus, the most popular cat in the capital region.


Baktus is an oldish cat which is owned by some people that run a clothes' store downtown Reykjavik. He became very famous for his presence almost everywhere on the main street, especially in the west side of downtown. It is a very calm and friendly cat, even though it does not always show it.


Favourite spot:

Our nice Baktus maybe likes the Icelandic wool or it just has a preference for the Icewear store near the main plaza of Reykjavik. You will find him usually there, but pay attention very well as he is camouflaging perfectly in the set-up of the window, as you can see below.




Usually comes into different places like stores or hotels and find a cozy corner where he will not be bothered. Most of the time he's asleep, but in case you want to pet him and play, Baktus will be more than happy to get a belly masage from you. Everybody has its moods, and being famous it makes the job harder sometimes. This is when he will look at you in a way that you can read in his eyes: I do not care!  But this is happening mainly because everybody loves him and everybody pets him. 

Life with Baktus the cat 


Working in downtown Reykjavik makes my meetings with Baktus very often. He knows that I am absolutelutely in love with him because I cannot have a cat here in Iceland, so he's usually willing to give me a little bit of love back. He has been around every now and then, especially in the winter time when he was coming to the hotel and try to hide sometimes around the Christmas tree. He knew that he's not allowed inside, but he stepped by to share his best wishes! For me, it is always a fun moment and he lights up the day with the bossy attitude!


Social Media:

The super star of Reykjavik has its instagram, where his parents are colleting the pictures from all of the fans around the world. If you wanna be on his Instagram, but tag him (@baktusthecat) He has more than 6k followers and I think it going to grow more and more!