To DO in Iceland

If you come to Iceland and you do not have so much time, there are few things that you need to do and you will never regret it!

  • Go away from Laugavegur
    • Laugavegur is the main street of Reykjavik, where you can find stores, pubs and restaurants. It is very popular and it can get very busy, so what you need to do is to try to go also on the streets nearby, which are nicer, more colorful, quiet and you can enjoy you walk without walking into other people. And you have a lot of changes to meet the cats of Reykjavik (very nice and fluffy ones)
  • Go to a geothermal pool in Reykjavik
    • Blue Lagoon is expensive and it takes few hours to go and stay and then come back, so going to a geothermal pool in town could be a nice experience. You will stay outside and enjoy the water and the steam just few minutes away from your hotel, as there are few pools around the city. And it is less than 1000 isk.
  • Go sea angling
    • Fishing is one of the most important subjects in the country, so it is always nice to try to taste a little. There are tours operating in the summer time which actually take you to the sea, you catch and then you eat what you catch. So, it is double advantage as food is expensive and it is not as good as a fresh arctic char that you just got, BY YOURSELF.
  • Visit the countryside - if you have more than one day, then you need to go and visit few spots
    • Golden Circle - it can get busy and very commercial, so you need to be there before all busses arrive. You need to make a stop to a greenhouse and see how the tomatoes are grown in Iceland, then you need to see a geysir and the National Park where the tectonic plates meet. Oh, and the Golden Waterfall, where is cold and windy, but it is BEAUTIFUL.
    • South Coast - pretty many things to see, but who does not want to see the black sand beach and the bazalt columns? On the way to Vik, you need also to stop to see the waterfalls and the glacier.
  • Eat in Reykjavik!
    • You cannot leave Reykjavik without trying good things. Not the shark, but the skyr and the fresh fish they have in the harbour and there are few very good places where you can get a super tasty icecream!