Northern lights phenomenon

Northern lights became popular long time ago, but there is a huge impact on turism caused by them. Tourist come to Iceland for many reasons, but the ones that come in the winter time are mostly the one hunting for auroras. Working in tourism for few years now, I can tell that there are so many people take a trip to Iceland only to see them. Even though there is a lot of information about the northern lights, people still think there is a button turning them on every night, no matter what the weather looks like.



Few things to know before you book a trip only for auroras:

  • The northern light are happening all year round, but we cannot see them all the time due to natural factors 
  • It needs to be dark to see auroras and you need solar activity.
  • Weather is very important. No, you cannot see anything if there is a huge cloud cover over your area. The clouds can move pretty fast and you might have a chance, but nobody can guarantee.
  • They do not last forever! Sometimes, you can be very lucky and see them for few minutes, even more, but usually they come and go and you are able to see them for a little time, so that is the moment you need to enjoy!
  • Photography: your phone and also your camera cannot capture it .. just like this. You need to use a tripod and to have good settings on your device and even then..not every time they are on they are extremly amazing.
  • Talking about pictures and good view.. one of the keys to get a good view to northern lights is to go somewhere dark. If you have lights around you are not able to see them or if you have a change, it is not going to be great.