Iceland on your own or by tours


FEBRUARY 24, 2018

If you buy a trip to Iceland, probably you have already seen a lot of posts, videos, articles about its natural beauties and lifestyle. There are more types of tourists in Iceland depending on what they want and how are they used to travel. Sometimes, the expectations do not meet the reality and a lot of people get disappointed by certain things.

Iceland on your own

It is always nice to have a private trip when you go somewhere, especially when you want to have a relaxing experience and more than everything to be in the nature. You should never forget that the conditions of travelling can be very difficult here due to the weather.

It is incredibly nice to visit Iceland during the summer by renting a car and organise your trip in a lot of places without being there at the same time with a huge group of people taking pictures. You can take advantage of the lack of darkness and travel during the night and try to sleep in daytime. If you are this kind of a person, who does not want to be the typical turist, this is the best option you can take  in summer months.

Winter can be very difficult in a country like Iceland, so travelling on your own implies a lot of risk. Not all the destiations are easy to get to, and also the road closure it is something very common. People need to understand that it is very dangerous also for locals to get out of Reykjavik during some stormy days, so you always need to check the weather forecast and the websites that provide information about the road status. (,

Iceland by tours

If you are a solo traveler, or somebody that does not want to be stressed about driving or organising a full trip, taking tours it is a good option. It can be way more expensive and you need to have your hotel in Reykjavik during the whole stay, as in the country side you do not have so many options. 

Winter time can be a very good period to travel with tour companies. Here you have some advantages:

  • You do not need to worry so much about road conditions.
  • The tour guide will always tell you what to do and what not to do when you get to a place that you need to visit.
  • Everything is very well organised and they have a lot of experience with winter time, so the staff will know your needs before you think about them.
  • Good decisions will be taken at the right time as nobody is exposed to dangerous situations.
  • People are very nice and they will share their experience and you will get a lot of information about everything.

Of course, there are also some disadvantages regarding guided tours:

  • You are not alone! There are other 30 people in front of you who want to capture the same picture and see the same landscape!
  • Waiting in line... You will make stops every 1-2 hours. If you travel with a big bus, you need to be very lucky to be the first one for food, restrooms or souvernirs.
  • Along the way there are so many beautiful spots and you could get the perfect photo. But guess what..? You cannot stop, because you need to be on time for the next stop you will make.