1 day on a budget in Reykjavik

Reykjavik is a pretty small capital and it has a lot of tourists every year. If you want to visit the countryside, where you will find all the beautiful nature, than you can try to stay on a budget in Reykjavik!

  1. Take a free walking tour!
    1. Instead of walking around on your own, get to meet these people that operate everyday the free walking tour! They will introduce you to Reykjavik in the best way! citywalk.is
  2. Go visit Perlan Museum and take the free shuttle bus to the shopping center!
    1. There is a free shuttle bus to the observatory of Reykjavik, Perlan. There were the watertanks for the city, and now there is a museum about icecaves and glaciers, but also a pretty caffeteria.
    2. Even if you do not want to shop, taking a free bus to the shopping mall, Kringlan, will give you the opportunity to see more of the city!
  3. Look for the good offers
    1. You can use the page http://happyhour.is to see where are the best deals for drinks and sometimes food and you will save some money if you wanna go out.
    2. If you buy a simcard from Nova, one of the communication companies in Iceland, they will provide you offers 2 for 1 on different places to eat or to travel.
  4. Try the streetfood
    1. In the summer time, you will find more vans around downtown with very good food. And the price is a good one!
    2. If it is winter, you can try the 2 food halls that are pretty new for Reykjavik, one being in the end of the main street, Hlemmur and the other one near the harbour, Grandi.
  5. Go to a geothermal swimming pool
    1. Going to a swimming pool in Reykjavik it is a must and it is also very cheap (aprox 1000isk per person) and you can experience a bath in the amazing 10 degrees Celsius!